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Harry Styles, Kristen Wiig got uncomfortably close on the dance floor (VIDEO)

Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig broke it down on the dance floor and it’s a sight that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

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The two clearly look comfortable with one another during the Saturday Night Live after-party where the whole sexy groove went down… almost too comfortable, dare we say. Or maybe it’s just that we’re jealous we aren’t Wiig in this scenario.

The duo got really into the theme song from the film Dirty Dancing, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” even jumping on the tabletops.

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At one point, Styles grabbed Wiig’s hand and swayed with her closely on the dance floor. While the two look like they are goofing around and just having fun, we also sense a bit of chemistry between these two.

We don’t know if there was alcohol involved. If they are really just that cool. Or a combination of both.

SNL alum Wiig was at the after-party because she made a surprise appearance for the Dec. 20 episode during actress and guest Amy Adams’ monologue.

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Styles, on the other hand, was the musical guest for the episode and performed with his band One Direction, singing their latest single “Night Changes.” He tweeted earlier on in the day about his excitement for the evening.

Looks like the night delivered.

What do you think of Styles and Wiig’s moves together?

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