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Scooter Braun’s major plan to save Justin Bieber’s reputation in 2015

Can Scooter Braun ease the Bieber backlash in 2015?

The once widely loved, cherub-cheeked little boy with a bowl-cut hairdo and the voice of an angel has taken a long, hard fall from grace since he skyrocketed to fame after being discovered on YouTube. Bieber’s DUI, assault charges and cheating scandals, among other things, have gotten most of the public so sick of him, some even asked the president to deport him back to Canada.

Now Braun, manager to the stars, is seeking to rehabilitate Bieber’s floundering reputation and salvage what may be left of the pop star’s career by taking him to the streets. Literally.

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Rumor has it that Braun is urging Bieber to spend time with the homeless population by sleeping in the streets to raise awareness for the homeless and, in turn, make Bieber seem more compassionate, according to the Daily Mail. “[Scooter] has been trying to come up with a plan to give Justin’s career some longevity,” a source said. “As soon as Justin’s fans grow up, it’s a worry that he’ll fall of the map. This seems like a solution.” Hey, it worked for Miley Cyrus.

Who knows if the gossip is true, or if the plan is even safe, considering Bieber’s tendency to run his mouth when he’s backed against a wall, but could it really be what it takes to save Bieber’s career and reputation?

Braun might be on the right track. Bieber has continued to alienate people by acting like a jerk. In order for him to keep fans, he’s going to have to be more human and someone people can relate to. The selfish, spoiled brat routine only works for so long and as his audience begins to mature, they will see through it.

The real career revival will come when people see how Bieber reacts to a cold, hard dose of reality. Braun’s plan to make Bieber look compassionate will only work if his experience on the streets helps him understand what real life can be like for the less fortunate and he actually becomes compassionate. If it changes his behavior for real, crazy PR stunts to make him seem like he cares won’t be necessary.

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