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8 ‘Huh?’ moments from Nicki Minaj’s 16-minute ‘The Pinkprint Movie’

Here’s what we thought when we learned that Nicki Minaj had released a 16-minute video/movie titled “The Pinkprint Movie”: Huh? She did what? Sixteen minutes? Who’s got that kind of time? We guarantee by the time you’re done reading the rest of our “huh” moments, you will be sorely tempted to sit through it.

Sixteen minutes, really?

That was our first reaction. That’s a long freakin’ time to sit through a music video. If you sneak in YouTube breaks at work, you’d have to divide this movie into four breaks.

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“The Pinkprint Movie”?

What’s up with that title? “The Pinkprint Movie” combines tracks off Minaj‘s album The Pinkprint, but that still doesn’t really answer this question. After doing a bit of digging, we realized that the image on the album cover is a pink fingerprint, so that kind of clears it up. Or does it?

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We’re used to seeing Minaj dressed like someone who owns a boutique that caters to sexual fetishes. We’re not accustomed to seeing her look ah-freakin’-mazing in a wardrobe fit for a goddess.

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Gurl’s got pipes

OK, so I’m just going to out myself here. When Minaj sat on the panel of judges for American Idol, I thought, “Nicki who?” When my kids were horrified that I didn’t know who she was, I did some research. I admired her for how she could bust clever rhymes, but I was still on the fence.

When she started collaborating with big dogs like Beyoncé, I was still kind of scratching my head. In this “movie,” Minaj raps and sings — like, full-on sings. Her vocals are incredible. I had no idea. I’d listen to her sing all day. Now I get it (my apologies to my kids and all Minaj fans for being so late to the program).

Gurl can act too

We’re so conditioned to Minaj’s videos being sensory overload when it comes to boobs and butts, it never occurred to us that she can act. She can! She sucked us right into this video, and made us relive every heartbreak we’ve ever had. Well done, Nicki, well done.

Product placement

As a completely random “huh” moment, check out the product placement at around the five-minute mark.

Cool window

Also, as a completely random aside “huh” moment, we’ll take one of those awesome waterfall windows in her hot boyfriend’s bedroom, please.

Hot boyfriend

Oh yeah, speaking of hot boyfriends, Minaj is trying to decide between actor Boris Kodjoe and model Willy Monfret in this video. Wow, that’s a good problem to have, don’t you think?

We had to force ourselves to make the time for this, but we’re so glad we did.

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