Hackers to Iggy Azalea: Apologize or we will leak sex tape stills

The ridiculousness continues in the blood feud between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks, but it seems the feud has taken a turn for the more serious from just words to actions.

Banks now has an unlikely ally in the hacker collective organization Anonymous. The group, which is known for its “hacktivism,” has threatened to release stills from an alleged sex tape they claim to have of the Fancy singer.

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This all comes in the wake of an argument that was spawned by rapper Banks, who tweeted that Azalea doesn’t care about black people in the wake of the Eric Garner grand jury’s decision. Banks also generally alluded to the fact that people like Azalea can profit from “black culture” but not support “black issues.”

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The hacker collective tweeted the threats in a series of now-deleted tweets, which called Iggy a “trashy bitch” and said, “We have so much shit on you, your scandal would be bigger than Bill Cosby’s.” Check out the tweets Vulture was able to capture here.

anonymous tweet 1
anonymous tweet 2
Anonymous tweet 3
Anonymous tweet 4
Anonymous tweet 5

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@TheAnonMessage, the known handle for Anonymous, has recently been in the news for declaring war on the Ku Klux Klan.
Azalea has not come out with a response yet, but she does have one vocal supporter, and it’s a big one. Rapper T.I. has come out saying, “not all white people (are) out to steal our culture,” and “There are some that merely wish to contribute to it.”

Bravo to T.I. for having some well thought-out reactions to a Twitter feed that seems like nothing more than a stream of consciousness nonsensical and sensational feed that is Banks’ Twitter feed.

And shame on another group trying to use the threat of sexual exploitation on another female figure. Can we please stop using sexuality as a weapon against women already? When are we going to decide that it is not OK for sexuality to be held over the heads of women to keep them in line? Stop with the slut shaming already; it’s getting seriously old.


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