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There’s even more to the Ray Rice elevator video than you thought

Think you’ve seen the whole Ray and Janay Rice elevator video? Think again.

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ABC News revealed Friday it had obtained 45 minutes of footage that shows what happened after the infamous clip we’ve all seen — when former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray punched his now-wife Janay hard enough to knock her out cold in an Atlantic City elevator earlier this year.

In the new footage, Janay can be seen pushing Ray away when he tried to approach her after the incident, until hotel security step in to keep the couple separated. But as the tape goes on, Janay’s emotions seem to change. She’s angry immediately after the assault, then starts to cry. By the time she and Ray are escorted, both handcuffed, into another elevator, ABC reports that Janay appears to nuzzle and kiss him.

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According to ABC, both Ray and Janay were arrested that night, but Janay’s charges were dropped while Ray’s were upgraded to aggravated assault. The NFL suspended him for two games, but once the video appeared online and circulated widely, Ray was suspended indefinitely and ultimately fired by the Ravens. He recently won an appeal that will allow him to return to playing, and the whole incident put public pressure on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign, as it became more and more apparent that Goodell had seen the footage before handing down as lenient a punishment as a two-game suspension.

ABC reports that Ray went to court to prevent the outlet from obtaining the additional footage, but he lost. His attorney said in an interview, “This is a time of healing and he, quite naturally, doesn’t want another media showing of what must have been the worst event of his life. What the media ought to be focusing on is the issue of domestic violence.”

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Does the newly discovered footage change your opinion of the Ray Rice case? Tell us your take in the comments.

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