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Whoopi Goldberg loses her cool arguing that America isn’t racist (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg has some strange ideas about racism in America, and this video proves it.

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She and her fellow hosts on The View were discussing whether it’s racist that Michelle Obama was recently mistaken for “the help” and it didn’t take long for Goldberg to completely lose her cool arguing her own views about racism in America.

As far as Goldberg is concerned, what happened to the first lady wasn’t racist at all; it was “just stupid.”

“You need to know what real racism is,” she said. “Racism is when someone comes up to you and says, ‘I hope you f***king die. That’s racism.”

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She continued, “I’ve been black for 60 years. For me, stupidity, there are dumb folks who just say dumb stuff because they’re not looking or paying attention to the person they’re talking to which is why people could walk up to Obama and not look up at him and see that it’s the president.”

Things really started to heat up, though, when Goldberg claimed that white people are incapable of understanding racism. It really rubbed cohost, Rosie O’Donnell, the wrong way, especially considering O’Donnell has adopted a black daughter.

“I have a black kid I raised Whoopi!” she yelled. “I have a kid in my house!”

It’s hard to tell if Goldberg is saying that white people are incapable of understanding what it’s like to experience racism as a black person in America — which is totally true — or whether white people are straight-up incapable of getting what racism is. From the way she phrases it, it sounds like the latter, and the way O’Donnell responds confirms that she understood it that way, too.

The two continued to argue, with O’Donnell insisting, “You don’t have to be black to know what racism is,” and Goldberg responding, “Yes, you do.” But before the situation could escalate any further, Goldberg ended the segment, saying, “America is not just a racist country, because there are white people who get it. That is why I will not accept the blanket statement that America is racist.”

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You can watch the whole discussion below and then tell us what you think in the comments. Are you as confused about Goldberg’s views on racism as we are? Tell us your take.

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