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14 Times Jared Leto tried to look like Jesus on Instagram

It’s not a surprise Jared Leto made 2014’s Google #YearInSearch.

The guy had a bang-up year. Between his Oscar for portraying Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, performing with his band and winning the coveted role as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad, Leto has had a pretty epic year.

However, it’s not the abovementioned achievements that got people hitting “search” on Google in 2014. According to Google, people all over the world were most interested in the performer’s social media. “Searches for ‘jared leto oscar’ spiked by a massive 28x this year but were still outdone by searches for his Instagram account,” it says on Google.

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So, what caused the mass migration to Leto’s account in 2014? Was it divine intervention? If you ask Leto, the answer to this question might be yes.

Just look at all the times Leto appeared on Instagram looking like the certain “traditional” image of a very notable religious figure.

Maybe it’s just the hair

Image: Jared Leto/Instagram

The beard adds that extra something as well.

Yup, the hair definitely has a lot to do with it

Image: Jared Leto/Instagram

All the talk of faith and love in the caption here kinda makes it seem that Leto is totally cool with the comparison.

Jesus Christ, superstar?

Image: Jared Leto/Instagram

His music can be a revelation.

This one is just blatant

Flowing robe and all.

If Jesus were a hipster…

His name would be Jared.

This guy takes himself pretty seriously

While wearing boxing shorts.

And we thought it was blatant before…

This guy is wearing a crown and a shirt that says “holy.” To which we say, “Holy moly.”

This one is for the believers in #echelon

If you believe, you’ll buy a bracelet.

Attack of the flying bra

Ain’t gonna faze Jared.

There’s that crown again

Is it heavy?

If you go to one of his concerts, you’re going to church

So he says.

This one is just… yikes

Can you say, “Kanye”?

Jared Leto's hair slideshow

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