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Nicki Minaj has a nip slip while talking about nip slips (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj’s nipples have impeccable timing — they kept popping out to say hello during an interview with Andy Cohen, even when she was actually talking about nip slips!

The “Anaconda” singer appeared on Watch What Happens Live wearing an extremely low-cut blouse with no wardrobe tape, apparently, and the slightest movement resulted in the star baring even more than she bargained for.
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It even happened when Minaj was actually talking about nip slips with a caller.

“Which was tougher for you, the little nip slip that you had or the dress malfunction at the VMAs?” the caller asked.

“Definitely the nip slip,” Nicki answered. “Because the dress malfunction didn’t show anything, thank the Lord. The nip slip was very, very hard for me to deal with.

“Panic! I was so panicked,” she said. “I contemplated not going out at all but then I would let Jessie and Arie down, and I didn’t want to do that on their moment. I just felt like I wanted to crawl under a freaking rock. When you’re in a situation like that you think everyone can see the panic on your face, but people said I was smiling.”

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Nipple, nipple, nipple throughout the whole thing. See it for yourself — the first one happens within 20 seconds of the interview starting and it just keeps going from there. NSFW, obviously.

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