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9 GIFs of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd to remind you of his sexiness

Incubus just signed a new record deal that landed them on Facebook trending and back on our radar. What do we remember most about Incubus? Their super-hot lead singer. Here’s a reminder of just how hot we’re talking about.

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1) This laugh

Brandon Boyd

Image: YouTube/RenManMusic

Remember when all the boys used to imitate Beavis and Butthead? This is that moment all over again.

2) This playful moment

Brandon BoydImage: Fanpop

Any time a dude can get down with a gator puppet on a tour bus is a sure sign he’s a catch. He may write serious music, but he doesn’t take himself seriously.

3) And that wink

Brandon BoydImage: GIFSoup

What? Sorry. Can’t hear you over the sound of our ovaries exploding from the beanie and wink combo.

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4) Also, he paints

Brandon Boyd Image: LocaxBrandonBoyd/Tumblr

Ahhh… the tortured artist. Always our downfall.

5) That backside, though

Brandon Boyd Image: LocaxBrandonBoyd/Tumblr

Nothin’ like a tatted-up man to make us swoon.

6) The way he cradles the mic

Brandon Boyd Image: ForeverIncubus/Tumblr

So gentle… so intimate. We need him to hold us like that.

7) We didn’t even mind the dreads

Brandon Boyd Image: BrandonBoyd/Tumblr

Because, you know, sometimes dirty is hot.

8) More shirtless rock star

Brandon Boyd Image: Schindlersc***/Tumblr

You’re welcome.

9) He’s naked here… right?

Brandon Boyd Image:

We’re going with yes. Because we need it.

What can we say? Brandon Boyd is still one of the sexiest dudes in rock music. We’re stoked that Incubus has signed to a new deal and should have new music out in the very near future. You know we’ll be all over that! And, until then, we’ll just keep staring at these GIFs.

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