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Stephen Collins’ victim slams the actor’s belated apology

Stephen Collins made a bombshell confession earlier this week when he admitted to the sexual abuse of three underage girls, but does the fact that he’s supposedly sorry mean anything to his victims?

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In a lengthy statement to People magazine, the 7th Heaven actor publicly acknowledged that he “did something terribly wrong that I deeply regret.”

Collins then went on to explain that he has apologized to one of the victims, but failed to contact the other two for fear that it might open up old wounds. Well, did an apology to his victim bring her any comfort?

No! According to TMZ, Collins’ victim, who was just 10 years old when he molested her and placed her hand on his penis, says she does not believe his apology. And the gossip site reports that the woman has been telling her family members that Collins has made the incident sound less serious than it actually was.

Stephen is minimizing the incident. It was not just a spontaneous touching … that aggression resulted in him ejaculating,” she said.

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Collins claimed during his statement that “… after I learned in the course of my treatment that my being direct about such matters could actually make things worse for them by opening old wounds, I have not approached the other two women, one of whom is now in her 50s and the other in her 30s.”

But the one victim, who is now in her 50s, said she doesn’t agree with his decision.

“His assertion that he wanted to avoid reopening an old wound seems nonsensical to me,” she said, according to TMZ. And she’s convinced there are not just three victims either.

TMZ reports that the victim also wants more than an admission of guilt from Collins, and she has asked, “Why isn’t he donating any disposable income, beyond what he needs to survive, to a child-abuse charity?”

“Maybe he should at least try apologizing to his victims,” she added.

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