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Teen Mom Leah Messer-Calvert’s husband sends naughty pics — to another lady

Leah Messer-Calvert has all the proof she needs that her marriage to husband Jeremy Calvert is truly over.

The Teen Mom 2 star has revealed a text message conversation she had with her husband’s other woman. In the exchange, the mistress revealed that Calvert told her he filed for divorce and that their marriage was over.

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The drama started back in October when Jeremy accused his wife on Twitter of cheating, which turned out to be true, but Leah totally denied it. But then, to add to the craziness, Jeremy revealed he was also messaging a woman named Brittany Musick via Twitter and that he was planning to meet up with her.

My head is currently spinning. I need to make a Teen Mom 2-who’s-texting-married-cheating-on-who flowchart. Stay with me here.

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According to In Touch Weekly, Musick claims Calvert “vigorously” pursued a meeting with her. In text messages the two exchanged, Messer-Calvert revealed Musick’s response to the question if she met up with the reality star’s husband. Musick said, “No we was planning too [sic], just didn’t get too [sic] cause he was working so much. He told me that y’all was done, he filed for divorce.”

As if it couldn’t get any worse, the mistress told her Calvert had sent her a dick pic, to which Leah replied, “Who does these things??”

The answer? Everybody, Leah. Everybody sends naked pics; it is what people do now. Especially cheating husbands.

When Musick showed her the photo, she said, “Yes ma’am… that would be my husband.” Like she was identifying a pair of jeans or something. Which, of course, makes me wonder if there is some distinctive characteristic. Does it have a mole? Is it crooked? Does it have a tattoo? I mean, we totally don’t want to see it, but it makes you wonder, just maybe, if it’s blue like a Smurf. OK, maybe we would want to see that.

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Jeremy was supposed to be taking a self-imposed breather from texting women who were not his wife so he could “get his head on straight.”

Musick, a single mother of a 16-month-old, said he didn’t seem like a man who was trying to reconcile with his wife and that “[they] didn’t need to date; I just wanted to hang out. I feel sorry for Leah.”

Jeremy Calvert deleted his Twitter account, and his wife rarely tweets. The couple will return for a new season of Teen Mom 2 next year. I hope you kept up. There will be a test later.

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