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Jenny Slate singing as Marcel the Shell is an instant classic (VIDEO)

Guess what’s the most adorable thing you’ll see today?

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Jenny Slate, the brilliant comedian, children’s book author, writer and actress behind the awkwardly adorable web series, “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” stopped by Conan and you bet she busted out the anthropomorphic snail’s voice during the undeniable highlight of the video — when she sang “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.

“I do a lot of covers — it’s the biggest thing that’s going on with Marcel right now,” Slate told host, Conan O’Brien. “I recently did one of ‘Landslide,’ the classic, that made my husband shed a little tear. And maybe he was crying just because he was like, ‘Jenny’s crazy; she’s gone, man!’ But I think it’s because it’s beautiful.”

And now we know — it’s definitely because it’s beautiful. And Marcel, that little shell that could, is a Grammy winner for sure.

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Slate also revealed her favorite times to bust out the Marcel voice in real life, and we’re loving it.

“I do it around the house,” she said. “Sometimes I do it when things are going badly, I find. Like, I’ll spill something and I’m just like [as Marcel], ‘Oh, today is going to hell in a handbasket.'”

But as much as Marcel is there for Slate during the bad times, his adorable, anthropod voice narrates the good in Slate’s life, too.

“But sometimes I do motivational stuff like, ‘You can do it!’ in the mirror,” Slate said.

All we can say after seeing this is we definitely need more Marcel in our lives. Here’s hoping this interview means Slate and her writing partner, Dean Fleischer-Camp, are planning new Marcel the Shell episodes soon.

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In the meantime, catch up with past episodes on Fleischer-Camp’s YouTube channel and bask in the cuteness that is Marcel the Shell.

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