Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Carell and others slam Sony for pulling The Interview

Feel bad for Sony yet? You probably should.

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To say that the production company has had a rough month, what with massive data breaches, embarrassing e-mail leaks and terrorism threats, is putting it lightly. Now, in light of threats referencing 9/11 directed toward movie theaters that were planning to show The Interview — a Sony comedy set to premiere on Christmas Day — major theater chains opting out of their contracts to show the film and Sony’s ultimate decision to scrap the premiere altogether, some celebs are expressing disappointment with how the media giant has handled the whole situation.

And they may have a point. It’s come to light that the huge data hack Sony’s been cleaning up after was, in fact, orchestrated by North Korea in retaliation towards The Interview, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as journalists-turned-assassins out to off Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s dictatorial leader. But the threats toward theaters, posted online Tuesday, haven’t been deemed credible by U.S. intelligence or the FBI, which is investigating the whole situation. And there has never been a North Korean attack on the U.S. — or any other Western nation, for that matter — and the odds that thousands of movie theaters in cities of all sizes across a country the size of the U.S. will fall victim to terrorist attacks sponsored by a tiny, impoverished nation are probably pretty slim. Regardless, the four largest theater chains in the country dropped The Interview like it was hot and Sony followed suit.

Now, celebs are taking Sony to task for “letting the terrorists win” — and also for trampling the rights to free speech and expression. Whether or not The Interview crossed some lines of decency by making light of the satirical death of an actual, living human, celebs from Steve Carell to Jimmy Kimmel are tweeting their opinions about Sony and (spoiler alert) none of them are great right now.

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Check out some of the more scathing celebrity reactions below and then tell us in the comments: Was Sony right to cancel The Interview? Or should the film have gone on regardless of the threats?

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