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Hot guys holding puppies: Which one would you rather cuddle with? (PHOTOS)

We saw these Hollywood hotties giving some sexy TLC to some adorable puppies and had to share our treasure. It’s OK — go ahead and soak up the cuteness.

1. Smoosh me, please, Ian Somerhalder!

Ian Somerhalder

You know this vampire can kiss us any day of the year.

2. Sexiest puppy face

Adam Levine

Sexiest man alive? What about cutest puppy alive? Look at those paws.

3. One Direction I will not turn away from. Can’t. Look. Away.

One Direction

I’m not sure who is more adorable: boys in pastel sweaters or snuggly puppies.

4. Puppy love at The Office

The Office

No kissing allowed at work.

5. Ryan Gosling can do no wrong

Ryan Gosling

I would order the Ryan Gosling dog swing any day of the week. Amazon Prime, where are you when I need you?

6. Kissing Batman: No. 5 on the bucket list

Christian Bale

What is Robin going to think?

7. Best breakfast ever

Channing Tatum

I can’t even. Channing Tatum imitating the cuteness of this puppy’s nibbles is just too much to process in one GIF. I admit it: I have been staring at him for at least one minute.

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8. Put me in your pocket and take me home, Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

Anderson, you two are too adorbs. I just want to eat you both up. I can hear Anderson squeal with glee.

9. One more swoon in this direction, please

One Direction

I’m telling you: pastel sweaters and puppies in one GIF — you can’t lose.

10. Ermahgerd!

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, where have you been all my life?

11. Kitten kisses are also hard to resist

Stephen Colbert

While Stephen Colbert says goodbye to his show The Colbert Report, I can only hope he has a basket of kittens and a bouquet of puppies on his last show to shower us with even more fuzzy kisses. Can I make an official request, Stephen?

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12. Jon Snow and his wolf puppies make these winter days brighter

Game of Thrones

When you thought Robb Stark in Game of Thrones couldn’t be any more sexy, this happens. Wolf puppies. I can’t say this enough: wolf puppies!

13. Would you like this puppy or this bulging bicep?

Kellan Lutz

I chose all of the above, Kellan Lutz. Your puppy and I appreciate your beautiful bicep and all the wonders that come with it.

Images: Giphy

Tell us: Which would you choose, the hunk or the pup? Let us know in the comments.

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