Madonna’s latest Instagram caption reads: ‘This is artistic rape!!’

It’s official: Madonna is having the worst day ever. Just a few weeks after two of her new tracks hit the internet around Thanksgiving, her entire new album leaked and she is furious with the situation, calling it “artistic rape.”

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Hours after the 13 songs hit the blogosphere, the Queen of Pop took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the dilemma and she’s one mad momma. In one post, the singer thanks her fans for their loyalty and for not listening to the tracks. “If you have heard please know they are unfinished demos stolen long ago and not ready to be presented to the world,” she wrote. It’s a pretty calm and composed response to an album that has no announced track list, release date or even a first single.

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It must have taken Madge a little longer to let the reality sink in because her follow-up post on IG goes from one to 100. Calling the leak “artistic rape,” the singer tells fans that the tracks are leaked demos that won’t even make it on the final cut or have changed and evolved. “This is a form of terrorism. Wtf!!!! Why do people want to destroy artistic process??? Why steal?” she questioned. Her latest Instagram post has since been deleted.

Image: Madonna/Instagram

Image: Madonna/Instagram

It’s a very dramatic statement to make, but based on her previous reaction to leaked material, it’s sort of expected. Despite the lack of critical success of MDNA, we’re still talking about a major album leak from the Queen of Pop. I mean, just over the weekend, she was ranting about leaked photos from photo shoots years old. Did you really expect her to not be dramatic or even more frustrated with this?

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Some of the tracks on the set include “Unapologetic Bitch,” “Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Addicted (The One That Got Away),” “Borrowed Time” and nine others. It includes production credits from Diplo, Avicii, Natalia Kills and Ryan Tedder.

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