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Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown: Why we think the dating rumor is bull

This is not the first time that Kendall Jenner has been rumored to have a major crush on Chris Brown, but now that the rapper is newly single, there has been much speculation as to whether there is a budding relationship happening between these two.

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According to Media Takeout, via the Inquisitr, Brown and Jenner have officially started dating, and there are other claims that suggest something romantic is happening with this pair. RadarOnline reports that Jenner and Brown have been spending a lot of time together since the “Loyal” hit maker’s split from Karrueche Tran, and Jenner couldn’t be happier.

“Kendall has thought Chris was hot for years now and has always idolized him,” an insider told the publication.

But does that mean that there is romance in the cards? Not so. According to Hollywood Life, there is really nothing romantic going on between Brown and Jenner because they are nothing more than friends.

A source revealed to the publication, “It’s not even like that, Kendall and Chris are friends and nothing more. He sees her like a little sister who’s making a way for herself and her career. He would never even think of going there with her. It’s not cool, plus he’s married.”

And that source makes some pretty good points. Jenner has proved to the world that she is very passionate about her modeling career and she has even ditched her last name in a bid to be taken more seriously. So it doesn’t seem like now would be the right time to start up a highly publicized relationship with a notorious bad boy. Oh, and there’s another problem: Did that source just say Brown was married? Um, what?

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The source went on to explain that Brown is not really married, rather that “it’s figure of speech. Yes, he’s married to Karrueche because that’s what their relationship feels like, a marriage.”

Brown and Tran were involved in a lengthy on again, off again relationship and if it reportedly did feel like a marriage to the singer, then he’s not going to just get over her in a few weeks and jump into a new relationship — unless he’s crazy. That, and the fact that at the moment there is just not enough evidence to suggest Brown and Jenner have actually moved beyond friendship.

Look, maybe they do like each other, but as far as the rumors that are circling out there about them dating? Well, right now we’re just not convinced.

Tell us what you think: Is there something romantic going on between Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner?

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