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Alex Trebek may leave Jeopardy! — thanks, Sony hackers

What is… a perfect burn, Alex? That is correct.

Alex Trebek has the perfect response for Sony execs who asked him to retape a portion of an episode of Jeopardy!. In recently leaked Sony emails, it was revealed that the Jeopardy! host and Sony producers had a heated exchange following an incident with a Jeopardy! Kids contestant.

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The incident involved a young girl who was in the red for the Final Jeopardy round, which prompted Trebek to tell her, as the rules of the game go, she was unable to play because she had no money to wager. The girl became “visibly upset,” her mother said in a letter she penned to the studio, and ran backstage crying.

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The young contestant was eventually able to be calmed down and returned to the set to watch the remainder of the taping from the audience. In the letter, the girl’s mother states, “[Her daughter] was upset about not being able to completely play the game to the end,” and also says, “…my daughter is not a sore loser, and does not become emotional solely over losing…”
Well, Alex was not feeling the love from his employer and replied, in a very Alex Trebek-esque manner, “If you all think i should retake the opening, I will… but i want to say that for 30 years I’ve defended our show against attacks inside and out. But it doesn’t seem to operate both ways. When I’m vilified, corporate (and certainly legal) always seems to say ‘don’t say anything and it’ll blow over,’ and I’m not feeling support for the producers, and that disappoints the shit out of me.”

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Would you like some ice for that burn?
Oh, wait. There’s more.
He then says, “If I’m making mistakes and saying things you don’t like, maybe it’s time for me to move on.” He added, “It’s not a threat, but I wanted to let you know how I’m feeling.”

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Alex Trebek. After all, he’s got all the answers.

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