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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon singing Third Eye Blind is the best (VIDEO)

If Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are involved, you are guaranteed to laugh.

How can you forget Hashtag and The History of Rap? And they did not disappoint in their latest Tonight Show sketch in which they are BFFs at Camp Winnipesaukee circa 1997, braces, bad fros, new facial hair and all.

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The two played mid-pubescent teenagers at camp after lights out. Fallon pops up and asks Justin if he is awake, and the hilarity ensues. Timberlake reveals his crush as Kimmy Gibbler from Full House (who didn’t have a crush on her? I mean, come on).

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The two drum up the perfect rendition of Third Eye Blind’s Jumper, and try as they might, they couldn’t keep quiet. Because, as you know, once you get to the chorus it cannot be sung quietly. In busts their short shorts-wearing, weed-eating, accident-surviving camp counselor, who breaks up their jam sesh and takes away their snack shack privileges.
I can’t even….

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Watch all of the hilarious clip here.

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