Jimmy Fallon has made his mark on late-night TV by making all us viewers at home feel like we're in on the action. It's like he and his guests are bromancing and sitting in our living rooms with us and we're all laughing our butts off together. And some of the most hilarious moments on Fallon's show take place during the crazy games he makes his celebrity guests play — but those games are so outrageous, we shouldn't dare play the same ones at home, right? Wrong!

Fallon's game-time hijinks on The Tonight Show would make for one amazing game night (especially if you get a few cocktails involved). We've gathered up some of best games invented by Fallon that you could totally play at home.

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1. This or That

This game has always been the worst because it normally takes a dark, dirty or gross turn, and still we ask, why aren't we playing it more often? Asking acquaintances, "Would you rather have a clone of yourself or have a pet dog who can talk?" is guaranteed to break the ice at any party.

2. The Whisper Challenge

This is the kind of game where you spend the majority of the time trying not to pee your pants laughing because it's just so ridiculous. As Alicia Keys and Fallon demonstrate, the Whisper Challenge involves wearing noise-canceling headphones and attempting to guess random words and phrases. May the best (wo)man win.

3. Best Friends Challenge

Now, this one is kind of adorable and perfect for a more intimate gathering, aka a girls' night in. How well do you know your bestie? You can each take turns drawing questions from the Best Friends Box to see if you can guess each other's answers. At the very least, you'll get to know each other better — by figuring out her most hated food and her first celebrity crush.

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4. Slapjack

The premise here is simple. You square off against a friend (or foe?) in a game of blackjack. The person who loses each hand gets, well, a hand — to the face. And, really, what's more fun than slapping someone with giant prosthetic digits? OK, so you may have to substitute the monster hand with a foam finger from a sporting event or with a pillow.

5. Wheel of Impressions

Disclaimer: There's no way in hell you or any of your loved ones could rival Ariana Grande when it comes to Wheel of Impressions. She's just too good. Did you catch her Céline Dion? Still, it will be pretty hilarious to watch your friends attempt to impersonate people like Samuel L. Jackson talking about, oh, you know, something like Bubble Wrap. To adapt for your home, simply write a bunch of celeb names down and toss them into one basket, and write down a bunch of random topics and toss them in another. Voilà!

6. Random Phrase Carols

'Random Phrase Carols' with Reese Witherspoon by bangla-media

To be honest, this is kind of what it sounds like when I get to the second verse of most Christmas carols (do you know the second verse to "Away in a Manger"?). You'll need someone who isn't playing to be the penner of the random lyrics, and you'll need an instrumental Christmas music CD.

7. Box of Lies

Sorry, ladies... this game doesn't come with Channing Tatum, as super as that would be. The gist is this: You stick about nine random things in shoeboxes. You create a makeshift partition between you and your non-Channing-Tatum-like competitor, and then you take turns trying to determine whether you each are telling the truth about what's in your chosen box or whether you're flat-out lying.

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A version of this article was originally published in December 2014.

8. Musical Beers

Well, we all know how musical chairs works, right? This is essentially the same, only there are no chairs — just beers. A round table would probably work best, particularly because drunk-ish people tend not to do well with sharp edges. Don't say we didn't warn you.

9. Egg Russian Roulette

First off, you're going to need to recruit a friend who's good at bad accents to be your Higgins. Said friend will announce, in what sounds much like the voice of a leprechaun, that the game involves a dozen eggs — eight of which have been hard-boiled and four of which are raw. Dig some embarrassing headwear out of the closet, then take turns smashing eggs against your foreheads. The first person to get yolk on their face twice loses.

10. Antler Ring Toss

Oh, hey, you're having a holiday party? How much more festive could you possibly get than a rousing game of Antler Ring Toss? Because it's altogether likely that you don't have a camouflage helmet with massive antlers affixed to the top, you'll probably simply need to hold some sticks on top of your head and have a friend throw Frisbee discs at them. Of course, if you're an avid hunter and happen to have a few racks lying around, by all means, antler it up.

11. Water War

To play Water War, you only need four things: a deck of cards, 10 glasses of water, a Super Soaker water gun — and a sense of humor.

12. Giant Beer Pong

Why play regular beer pong when you can play Giant Beer Pong?! You should probably start stocking up on volleyballs now because, as Nina Dobrev points out, that's what you'll need for your giant ping-pong balls. You're also going to want to fill a bunch of round trash cans with water to toss your balls into. If you want to get really authentic, break out the red paint and give them a Solo cup makeover.

13. Word Sneak

This game is already hilarious, but it would be a total riot if you played it after a round of Giant Beer Pong. Simply have someone who isn't playing jot a bunch of random words down on slips of paper. Divide into two stacks, disperse and laugh your ass off as your bestie tries to fit words like "titmouse" and "Stonehenge" into casual conversation.

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14. Beer Hockey

Granted, this game may require a bit of legwork on your part. But if you've ever put together Ikea furniture, you should have no problem hacking a table to turn it into the love child of an air hockey table and a beer pong table. Just ask Josh Hutcherson — he knows it to be so.

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15. Three-Word Stories

If Benedict Cumberbatch is any indication, a byproduct of playing Three-Word Stories is coming off as completely adorable. Much like Word Sneak, you're going to need two stacks of random words. Then, you'll take turns starting stories with three words and trying to lead your competitor to say, in the next three words, the secret word.

16. 5-Second Summaries

Calling all movie buffs! You're going to need a healthy knowledge of movie trivia to play 5-Second Summaries. And, well, it's pretty much exactly like it sounds — you've got five seconds to describe the movie listed on the card you are given in a way that will get your teammate to guess it.

17. Face-Stuffing Contest

While this may not sound much unlike a regular holiday dinner, there's a special twist to this face-stuffing. You are only allowed to eat the food in front of you with the, um, utensils provided. Spaghetti with whisks? Sure thing. Fully loaded nachos with tongs? You betcha. After watching Glenn Close go all in for a round of this, we've never loved her more.

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18. Random Object Football Toss

We're not generally ones for wasting food, so we recommend if you play Random Object Football Toss with food that you grab those questionable leftovers that have been in your fridge for two weeks. Other than that, any objects are fair game to toss.

19. Karate Piñata

Unless you've got some high-tech, spinning contraption hooked up, your piñatas probably won't be spinning around you. Although we suppose you could tie them to an outdoor fan. But you can still don a bandanna and play Karate Piñata — you'll just have to play several rounds to see who inflicts the most damage on the plethora of piñatas you'll undoubtedly go through.

20. Face Balls

Go forth and get yourself a whole bunch of clear plastic beach balls, because you're going to be tossing them at your friends' faces soon enough. In addition to an excellent throwing arm, you're going to need a friend with a steady hand to act as your videographer. How else are you going to capture the way your buddy's cheeks flap when the ball bounces off their face?

21. Lip Sync Battle

This is about as easy as it gets — you just need a killer playlist and an absurd accuracy with obscure song lyrics. Our personal favorite? This Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd.

22. Total Iceholes

This is basically cornhole, but the beanbags are shaped like fish. Fallon's played it with Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Serena Williams and more. Who doesn't love a game of cornhole?

23. True Confessions

Last but not least, a game wherein being a great liar totally pays off. Basically, each player take turns confessing to a random fact and the other players interrogate each other to determine who was telling the truth.