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White Collar survival guide: How to get your fix after the finale

If you’re heartbroken over the fact that White Collar is ending, we’ve got some ways you can get your fix after the show is gone.

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One way to keep the spirit of Peter and Neal alive is by watching TV shows that are similar. Here are a few suggestions:


This is our top pick to get your White Collar fix. After all, Suits is basically White Collar set in a law firm.

The Blacklist

This is another series about a criminal working with the law and Red is just about as cool as Neal.

Hawaii Five-0

If you’re looking for another great bromance, nothing can beat the one on Hawaii Five-0 between the two leads, Steve and Danno.

Person of Interest

This show about a group of people working outside the law to keep innocent people safe features a lot of similar elements to White Collar.


While White Collar never got quite as naughty as this series, Scandal still has some features that make it a good replacement.

The Good Wife

This show is more of an ensemble piece than a bromance, but there are definitely some characters in it who blur the lines between upholding the law and breaking it.

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Another way to get your fix is by checking out other projects that the stars of White Collar have done in the past and look forward to their new projects in the future.

Matt Bomer

Get your Bomer fix by watching him in HBO’s The Normal Heart or in that ridiculously hot film known as Magic Mike. For those with strong stomachs, you can also check out Bomer’s turn on American Horror Story: Freak Show. Just be ready for a lot of blood.

What’s next: Coming up, Bomer will be starring in Magic Mike XXL. He’ll also be in a film called The Nice Guys, and playing the lead role in Monty Clift, which is about the affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift.

Tim DeKay

When you’re missing Peter, you can always catch DeKay as Agent Ward’s brother in the TV series, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or in his guest roles in shows like Revenge and Hot in Cleveland.

What’s next: DeKay will be starring in two short films, The Stockwells, which is about a family fighting to hide a secret, and Best Man Wins, about a chef who discovers an affair between his wife and the best man at his wedding.

Willie Garson

If you’re in need of a little Mozzie flavor, you can watch Garson’s online series, Whole Day Down, where he plays a reinvented version of himself. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and the entire first season is up on YouTube. Also, you really should treat yourself to Garson’s performance in the Sex and the City TV series and the films.

What’s next: Garson will be starring in Season 2 of Whole Day Down. Right now, that’s the only project we see for Garson, which makes sense as it’s probably keeping him pretty busy for the moment.

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Tiffani Thiessen

If you’re in the holiday mood, you can watch Thiessen in Hallmark’s original move, Northpole. You can also hear her voice in Jake and the Never Land Pirates series on Disney Junior. Or if you’re feeling nostalgic, there’s always Beverly Hills, 90210.

There are no projects currently on Thiessen’s horizon (at least, that we can find), but if you follow her on Instagram or Twitter, then you know she’s staying plenty busy being a mom to her amazing daughter, Harper.

How much are you going to miss White Collar after the series finale?

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