Beyoncé and Jay Z are being sued: 5 details on the lawsuit

Dec 16, 2014 at 1:05 p.m. ET

Jay Z and Beyoncé are being sued by a Hungarian singer who claims her vocals were used in "Drunk in Love" without her permission. Obviously, this is very bad news for fans because if the allegations are real, Queen Bey could risk getting kicked off her throne.

The singer, who goes by the name of Mitsou, said that Mr. and Mrs. Carter, along with Timbaland and other producers, sampled her vocals and manipulated them digitally when she did not give them the go-ahead. So, naturally, the stealing of her voice with no authorization has prompted Mitsou to take the power couple to court, E! News reported.

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Amid these shocking new allegations against Jay Z and Beyoncé, we have collected five facts about the lawsuit and latest drama circulating the famous singing duo to keep fans informed on the situation.

1. Mitsou's real name is Mónika Juhász Miczura and in addition to being a singer, she is also an actress in Hungary (although she only has a handful of movie credits since 2002).

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2. The vocals in question originally came from Mitsou's 1995 song "Bajba, Bajba Pélem," a traditional folk song she recorded with her band Ando Drom.

3. Mitsou is claiming that her voice is the one singing a cappella solo in "Drunk in Love" for the first 13 seconds. Then, she says "her voice continues to sing" as Beyoncé also sings until the 41-second mark. She also says her voice joins in with Jay Z when he is rapping from minute 3:14 until the 4:05 mark, totaling 51 seconds. So, the complete amount of time of her lyrics in the song comes to 1.5 minutes.

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4. The Hungarian songstress is seeking unspecified damages for "irreparable harm and emotional distress" caused by the "blatant unauthorized use of her voice for trade purposes," according to E!. The lawsuit was filed in the Manhattan civil court in New York City. It would seem as if Mitsou is looking for a big paycheck, although her accusations may very well be genuine.

5. So far, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Timbaland or any of the song's producers have gotten back to E! News about their questions on the matter. This further raises the stakes that the lawsuit may be legitimate and could damage the popular Mrs. Carter's claim to the pop music throne.