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Did Angelina Jolie get back at Amy Pascal in the most original way ever?

As we watched Angelina Jolie’s “chicken pox” video with fascination, we were reminded of one thing — the incubation period of chicken pox. Is it possible that Jolie gave Sony exec., Amy Pascal, a lot more than a frozen stare when the two ran into each other?

Let’s suppose that you’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks with no Wi-Fi or cell service, or you’re just thawing out after having been cryogenically frozen, or you are just waking up from a coma. Here’s what went down between Sony cochairman, Amy Pascal, and Angelina Jolie.

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Sony’s e-mails were hacked and now we’re learning that Pascal doesn’t always exercise discretion in her descriptions of celebrities and the president. When cochairman, Scott Rudin, got all worked up because Jolie sat on a project that tied up Sony’s Steve Jobs project, Rudin referred to Jolie as a “marginally talented spoiled brat.”

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Are you with us so far? Here’s where things get really interesting. Just two days after the proverbial poo hit the fan, Pascal and Jolie came face to face at the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast. If ever there were a picture worth 1,000 words, this is it.

So, now that you are up to speed, let’s switch topics slightly and discuss the video Jolie released explaining why she was unable to attend the Unbroken premiere last weekend. She has chicken pox.

If you have a child, you are probably aware that a person is contagious with the virus 24-48 hours before breaking out. Jolie ran into Pascal on Dec. 12, and Jolie’s video was published Dec. 12. Jolie was likely contagious when Pascal latched on to her in the above picture.

If Jolie accidentally infected Pascal, wouldn’t that be about the best celebrity revenge ever? People with chicken pox are miserable, and it’s classy because Jolie didn’t do it on purpose. That is what is known in the biz as “poetic justice.” We’ll just have to wait and see if Jolie gave Pascal a lot more than an icy glare when the two bumped into each other.

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