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How to Get Away with Murder casts Cicely Tyson: Who’s she playing?

Cicely Tyson is the latest star to join the How to Get Away with Murder cast.

According to E! Online, Tyson will star in at least one episode when Season 1 returns Jan. 29, though little is known about her role on the show.

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Tyson previously stared alongside Viola Davis in The Help, so we can’t wait to see the ladies reunited, now on television.

Here are our theories about her character on the show.

1. A murderer

Of course, if Tyson is only going to appear in one episode, it would make sense to have her join the cast as Annalise’s latest client, though we suspect, moving into the second half of the season, that Sam and Lila’s murders are going to take center stage. At least, we hope that’s the case. Plus, we think there are a ton of other exciting and more interesting roles Tyson could tackle for her HTGAWM appearance.

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2. Michaela’s grandmother

We know Michaela came from a rough past, which is why her fiancé’s mom is so not into the upcoming nuptials. Other than that, Michaela’s background is a bit of a mystery. Maybe it’s time Michaela got some backup of her own and who better than a hard-hitting granny?

3. Annalise’s mom

We’re going to go ahead and say this one is the most likely theory.

Now that Sam is dead, Annalise is going to have a rough time of things. Not that we think it will be mommy dearest to the rescue. If we’ve learned anything from How to Get Away with Murder, it’s that everyone has secrets and people are capable of much more sinister things than we’d like to imagine when pushed.

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If Annalise’s mom suddenly comes on the scene in the wake of Sam’s death, we can only imagine the gritty dust of secrets she’ll kick up in her path to “support her daughter.” Now, that’s a story line we’d love to see.

Which character do you think Tyson is most likely playing?

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