SNL outdoes itself with this Bilbo Baggins skit (VIDEO)

How does one top saving Middle Earth as far as life accomplishments go? One can’t, really, and there are bills to pay, so sometimes a hobbit’s gotta do what a hobbit’s gotta do and get a regular-guy job.

Martin Freeman reprised his role as Bilbo Baggins in this hilarious Saturday Night Live skit showing what happens when he, Gandalf (AKA “Lord of the Reams”), Gollum, Legolas and Tauriel trade in adventure for a bland white-collar existence. The result? See for yourself.

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Watch “The Office: Middle Earth”
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The Bilbo/Gollum rivalry is one for the ages, much like Jim and Dwight, but it’s Gandalf’s bawdy humor that definitely steals the skit.

What makes this even funnier is that it is really based on the original British version of The Office, in which Freeman actually played the “Jim” character (then called Tim Canterbury), and this Gandalf is based on manager role originator Ricky Gervais’ characterization, not Steve Carrell’s.

Tell us: What’s your favorite part of this Office/Hobbit mash-up?