Former Miss New York Meaghan Jarensky falls victim to catfishing

Dec 15, 2014 at 2:35 p.m. ET

Former New York beauty queen Meaghan Jarensky is a very unhappy lady right now, and rightfully so, because someone has stolen her identity. But the reason why will definitely shock you.

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According to TMZ, Jarensky — who is not looking for love online — has had her information and pictures stolen by someone so that they could create an account on the dating site And although the beauty is desperate to find out who is behind the fake profile, is not willing to give her the information without a court order.

The gossip site also reports that the two-time beauty queen (she represented New York in the 2005 Miss USA contest and Mrs. New York America in 2010) is now planning to take legal action so that she can find the person who has been using her identity and defaming her online.

But according to the New York Post, the person behind the fake profile is not the only one that Jarensky has issues with, and she is reportedly also suing over the fake profile.

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Jarensky's mom Jeanne shed some light on the situation. She told the New York Post that her daughter discovered someone was impersonating her after a friend noticed the fake profile while browsing on the dating website.

"She's very upset about it," Jeanne told the publication. "This is a good girl and someone is trying to ruin her name. It's probably someone who's jealous."

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And it's not surprising that Jarensky would be upset. The fake profile, which goes by the name "1078Yogi," uses some accurate biological information about Jarensky as well as her pictures, but it also makes some rather sexual declarations.

Such as the fact that she is "looking for Mr. Big" and for "a good time," and promises to "satisfy you and appreciate you." No wonder she wants this person stopped.