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8 Times it sucks to be Amy Pascal since the Sony email hack

Jeez, Sony’s co-chairman Amy Pascal just put whatever stress we’re experiencing in our personal lives into perspective, didn’t she? The Grinch visited Pascal’s house in a very early and most profound way, and we can see why. She’s been a very naughty girl indeed. Here are the many ways in which it sucks to be Amy Pascal since the Sony email hack.

Major security breach

Though the infamous Sony hack actually took place in late November, the really damning damage of the hack didn’t start to see the light of day until Dec. 9, when the contents of Sony executives’ emails were published. Sure, there were a few movies and a couple salaries revealed in the early days of the hack, but things got really juicy when we read about celebrity trash-talking by Pascal and her co-chairman, Scott Rudin. Think of what it’s been like to be Pascal since late November, wondering if your inappropriate comments were going to become public information.

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The infamous Angelina Jolie diss/run-in

The email hack really grew some legs when it was revealed that the two Sony execs, Rudin and Pascal, talked some serious smack about Mrs. Hollywood herself, Angelina Jolie. Rudin did most of the dissing, calling Jolie a “minimally talented spoiled brat” (them’s fightin’ words) with a “rampaging spoiled ego” (yowza!).

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In a humiliating turn of events that seemed to be plucked straight from the movies, Pascal ran into Jolie right after the aforementioned smack-talk was made public, and the exchange appeared tense — to say the least. If you’re keeping track, this is two more times it really sucked to be Pascal last week.

Movie developments leaked

The fun is just getting started with the not-so-off-the-record exchanges from Pascal’s hard drive, but celebrity gossip isn’t the only disastrous revelation within the email hack.

With Hollywood being the incredibly cutthroat, competitive community that it is, we have to imagine that when movie pitches, ideas and formulas are revealed, it’s like giving the other guy a winning lottery ticket. Since the hack, we’ve learned about many of Sony’s projects that are in the works, information we’re certain Pascal and her ilk would rather never saw the light of day.

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Barack Obama gaffe

This is where we stop smirking about being privy to celebrity dirt and start thinking, “They said what?” It’s 100 percent true that those emails were private, and who among us hasn’t occasionally said something to someone we trust — maybe thinking we’re funny — that we’d never say to a crowd?

Still, there’s a line, and Pascal definitely crossed it when she made racial jokes about the president in an exchange with a Hollywood producer. Taking on a president and making racist jokes? Come on. Pascal can’t be stupid. This correspondence proved what Mom always taught us, “Money doesn’t buy you class,” and it has us wondering what Lisa Kudrow is asking — who’s advising these people?

Leo DiCaprio diss

Pascal’s Steve Jobs project is at the root of much of her public angst (so far). It was this project that led to the unsavory Jolie comments, and now we are learning that Pascal has no love for Leonardo DiCaprio either, or as Pascal may refer to him, “Leonardo DeSpicable.”

When producer Mark Gordon learned DiCaprio had taken a big fat pass on the project, he described DiCaprio as having “horrible behavior.” Pascal corrected him and called DiCaprio “despicable.” Wow, Hollywood folks really don’t love not getting their way, do they?

Insider secrets

This isn’t Pascal’s doing, but since she’s a wheel at Sony and not a spoke, it had to suck for her when wages and benefits paid by Sony were revealed. This is bad news for obvious reasons — it’s highly confidential information — but also because it spelled out that both male executives and actors are paid at much higher rates than their female counterparts.

Career future?

Who knows what remains to be publicized from Pascal’s private correspondence, but the damage so far has many folks (reasonably) questioning the Sony exec’s future career. We’d be naïve to think that she’s the only exec in Hollywood who has made insensitive and unsavory comments about celebrities and — as in this case — the president.

Will Pascal be judged by how she’s done her job (she’s been a part of several successful blockbusters for Sony)? Some argue that this controversy may actually help with the Christmas Day release of the movie that is being blamed for the hack, The Interview. What do you think? Should Pascal stay, or should she go?

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