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Fat Schmidt dancing to Rihanna and 3 other hilarious Max Greenfield videos

If you had ample time to kill while wearing a fat suit, and you had access to a film crew, what would you do?

The same thing Max Greenfield did on the set of the New Girl: make a lip-sync video to Rihanna. This video is one of the most glorious pieces of cinematic mastery you will ever lay eyes on. How this video sat on YouTube for three years without being discovered, we have no idea.

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The video was posted back in October on Greenfield’s YouTube channel. It wasn’t until his co-star Zooey Deschanel posted it on Hello Giggle that everyone got to bear witness to this masterpiece. Deschanel herself claims it this video is “indescribable.” We agree.

The best thing on the internet? We thought so, too.

What could be better you ask? More Schmidt videos.

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1. Schmidt’s workout video
I don’t know about you, but I feel inspired to get into some spandex and find the nearest spin class. Immediately.

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2. Schmidt’s online dating profile
Was that the opening sequence of a new reality show or Schidmt’s online dating profile? Just your average Tuesday, no biggie.

3. Best of Schmidt: New Girl (Season 1)
If this best-of video doesn’t make you go binge-watch the first season of New Girl, I just don’t know if you’re human.

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