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Scott Stapp: It’s embarrassing that we crushed on these ’90s rockers

You know how, when certain songs or movies are released, you form a crush on the singer or actor, and a decade or two later, you cower in embarrassment because you once thought that person was hot? Those of you who were around when Top Gun and Dirty Dancing were released know what I’m talking about.

As we read the sad headlines about Scott Stapp’s alleged downward spiral into madness, we’re reminded of a time when we thought Scott Stapp was hot. That’s right. And then we’re reminded of all the other ’90s rockers who we kind of had a crush on, and we react with the same measure of embarrassment. Here are a few of the “it” rockers we may or may not have lusted after in the ’90s.

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(Proceed with caution. Some of these videos/lyrics are NSFW.)

Scott Stapp

Mock if you must, but we have two words to defend our ’90s crush on Scott Stapp: That. Voice. The muscles, tattoos, smile and lyrics (about welcoming his as-yet-unborn child into the world) didn’t hurt. Before you point and laugh, watch this.

Lenny Kravitz

OK, so maybe that was a little cringeworthy. This might be a good time to warn you that things might get worse before they get better. In the ’90s, Lenny Kravitz was funking it up, and we were digging it — the dreads, the riffs, the high-heeled boots. We would submit that Kravitz is still kind of hot, and if he asked us, we are definitely gonna go his way. Judge if you will, but only after you watch Exhibit A.

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Chad Kroeger

Go ahead, belly laugh — get it out of your system. Only those of us who lived through the Nickelback era can fully understand a Chad Kroeger crush. Kroeger and his Canadian bandmates formed Nickelback in 1995, so even though “How You Remind Me” wasn’t released until 2001, we’re putting him in this list. Was it the long hair, the gravelly voice or the intensity? It’s so hard to say. These five words in my head scream, “Are we havin’ fun yet?” Watch and decide for yourself.

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Fred Durst

We know, we know. Fred Durst may not be the first guy you think of when you think of ’90s rocker crushes, but remember, this is a list of embarrassing ’90s rocker crushes. We can’t really explain why we were diggin’ on Durst. We were just sort of feeling the “guy-next-door with an edge” vibe, and this song was (is) badass.

Kid Rock

So what was it about this greasy-haired, foul-mouthed “Cowboy”-singing rebel that made us want to get western? It’s just one of those phenomena that defies explanation. I still remember being on the phone with my sister when we were at the height of our Kid Rock crush, asking her what she was up to that day. She answered, “Oh, I gotta do my hair and makeup. Kid Rock is going to be on TV tonight.” When we went to his concert together and got VIP backstage passes, we thought we’d died and gone to redneck heaven. Alas, the backstage passes didn’t pan out, and we never met KR. It wasn’t meant to be. Sigh.

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