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The Billy Mack scenes from Love Actually that made us LOL

If you’re a fan of Love Actually, then we don’t have to explain to you why the Billy Mack moments from the movie are arguably the funniest. We want to recognize this less-celebrated character for all the moments he made us shoot whatever we were drinking at the time out of our nose. You’re welcome.

(Warning: Billy Mack is a foul-mouthed, inappropriate, aging has-been. Language NSFW.)

Fun in the studio

Billy Mack’s lack of enthusiasm for his own Christmas album starts in the studio, when he continually forgets to put a Christmas spin on the lyrics of one of his greatest hits.

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Don’t do drugs

After our favorite washed-up rocker defiles the poster of a competing boy band, he has an important message for the kids, from “Uncle Bill.”

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“Festering turd of a record”

If someone threatened our lives and gave us five seconds to choose our favorite Billy Mack scene from Love Actually, this would be it. During Billy’s radio interview, he describes his best shag as Britney Spears (and jokingly says she was “rubbish”) and then asks the audience, “Wouldn’t it be great if No. 1 this Christmas wasn’t some smug teenager, but an old ex-heroin addict searching for a comeback at any price?” He rounds out his interview with an expletive-heavy commentary and then addresses the “children” in the audience. Priceless.


Is your holiday really complete until you’ve quoted Billy by saying, “Come on, let’s get pissed and watch porn”? Didn’t think so.

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