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7 Super-awkward Nash Grier moments in his dog-walking prank video (GIFs)

The internet has been not-so-patiently waiting for Nash Grier’s newest prank video, and Friday afternoon, his loyal followers’ prayers were answered.

Grier’s freshest footage is called “‘Dog Walking Permit’ Prank,” and it follows him and his friend, Marcus, around a park in Southern California. The duo are posing as officers of the city of Los Angeles Dog Census Bureau. “We’re gonna see how much people really do love their pets,” Grier says.

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Apparently people love their pets a lot. They love their pets so much, in fact, that they’re willing to go to great lengths to try to keep them away from these two crazy goofballs! Most of Grier and Marcus’ exchanges with their subjects are brief, although a couple of parkgoers do take the time to answer their insane questions.

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But be it a fleeting interview while the interviewee is still running at a break-neck speed or a longer interrogation with a cooperating respondent, all of the discussions have one major thing in common: They’re all amazingly awkward. Check out some of the highlights.

1. Marcus bites the crap out of a poor woman’s arm

Hey, lady, you might need a tetanus shot.

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2. Jogging man is not interested

Doesn’t seem like Grier let Marcus know that running was on the docket for the day.

3. Nash demonstrates doggy dreaming

It looks like even Marcus finds this one cringeworthy.

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4. The boys demonstrate canine sleeping dominance

It does look like a nice day for spooning in the park.

5. Marcus makes out with a pooch

How else are you going to get a saliva sample?

6. Nash passes the hump test

And he seems to be enjoying it.

7. Marcus sobs uncontrollably

But he ain’t gettin’ no sympathy from this guy.

These boys are jokesters, but thumbs up to Grier for giving a shout out to and at the end of the video!

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