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Scott Stapp thought he was a CIA agent with a mission to kill Obama

Things in Creed front man Scott Stapp’s life are not going well at the moment, and a newly released 911 call from his wife, Jaclyn, and sister-in-law, has us even more worried about the musician than we were before.

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Last month, Stapp had his family so worried about him that they called 911 to try to get him some help after he was reportedly riding around shirtless on his bike, claiming to be a CIA officer with plans to assassinate President Barack Obama.

According to TMZ, the 40-minute-long 911 call that was made by Jaclyn and her sister claims that Stapp had printed out between 400 to 600 pages of CIA documents, which he is believed to have found online, and he then put them in a book bag and rode off with them on his bike.

The two women are overheard pleading with the dispatcher and begging to have Stapp taken back to the psych ward (he was reportedly placed on a temporary, involuntary psychiatric hold at the request of his wife earlier that month).

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“He thinks he is part of the CIA. He thinks they are trying to kill him,” a woman TMZ identified as a family member of Stapp’s told the 911 dispatcher. “He has a bunch of paperwork in his backpack that he is a CIA agent and he was supposed to assassinate Obama.

“He thinks he is being trained by the CIA,” she added.

At the end of the video, the woman believed to be Stapp’s wife can be heard saying, “I love him, and I want to see him get better. But I just need law enforcement’s help. That’s the only way he’s gonna stop — when he hits his rock bottom.”

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TMZ reports that the police were dispatched and when they arrived Stapp told them that his wife had stolen $6 million from him and that when he confronted her about this, she decided to get him locked up. The site claims that police determined Stapp did not show enough signs of mental instability to allow him to be placed under yet another psych hold.

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