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Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon with man buns is what your Friday needed

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Jimmy Fallon more, he went and had an “Intense Staredown” with the other celeb in your life you thought you couldn’t love more: The Rock. Here are 9 of the most memorable man-bun-filled moments from Fallon’s Tonight Show skit.

1. Unwritten laws of the universe

The Rock

“There are certain unwritten laws of the universe that we must all obey.”

The Rock

“For instance, if we under dat mistletoe, we gotsta get our freak on!” Yeah, you’ll hear no arguments from us on that one. See also: It’s a little unfair The Rock does a messy bun better than us.

2. A whisper on the wind

Jimmy Fallon

“Shhh, if you listen closely, you will hear the wind whisper my name… Jessica Collins.”

Jimmy Fallon

We can totally see it. Fallon’s inner voice is clearly a beautiful, blond soap star. Just look at the volume on that man bun, er, man pouf.

3. He is

The Rock

“I am the pebble, I am the stone, I am the boulder.”

The Rock

“I am the Rock.” Swooooon. He’ll always be the People’s Intercontinental Champion to us. If you don’t feel the same, you’re just a bunch of jabronis.

4. A matter of semantics

Jimmy Fallon

“You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to. You say to-may-to, I say… tomaaaaayto, to-maa-a-a-to.” For the record, he sings the latter part to the tune of “Day-O” — you know, the song from Beetlejuice, which will now be stuck in our heads all day. Thanks for that, Fallon.

5. Uh, rain check?

The Rock

“Rain, rain, go away — I’ll wet my pants another way.” Hey, a guy’s gotta stay warm in the Himalayas somehow, and the Sherpas don’t seem keen on cuddling.

6. In a thousand blinks of an eye

Jimmy Fallon

“I have the ability to blink over 1,000 times in three seconds. Do you want to see it? OK, here goes. One thousand — I did it!” Wow, that was amazing. His eyes move so fast, we couldn’t even see blinks 5 to 1,000 transpire. His eyelids must be like hummingbird wings.

7. The secret of life

The Rock

“In my hand, I keep the secret of the universe, the single greatest truth of all mankind.”

The Rock

“Glitter party, baby!” There’s so much right about this, it’s almost wrong.

8. The wisdom of the stars

Jimmy Fallon

“Tamagachi, Yamaguchi, Lionel Richie, Susan Lucci.” Clearly, he’s invoking a higher power here.

9. A fool’s song

The Rock

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice…”

The Rock and Jimmy Fallon

“Why you gotta be so ru-u-u-ude/Don’t you know I’m human, too?/Why you gotta be so r-u-u-uuude?” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jimmy Fallon singing “Rude” while rocking man buns on top of a Himalayan mountain… now that’s magic!

Enjoy the best three minutes of your day by watching the full clip

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