9 Things about Angelina Jolie you probably never knew

Dec 12, 2014 at 12:47 p.m. ET
Image: Joe Alvarez/WENN

There’s that gorgeous face again — smack on the cover of the 2014 issue of People magazine's 25 Most Intriguing People issue.

Angelina Jolie truly has the face of an angel, the benevolent heart of a saint and has proven herself behind the camera as well as in front. She's got the mom thing down (times six!), and hubby Brad Pitt seems happy to be along for the ride in the frequent-flying, mansion-hopping whirlwind they call life. All pretty interesting stuff, hence the mag cover.

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In addition to all this, I think there are some pretty unique nuggets in her backstory, too.

1. Even her DNA spans the globe

The lovely Miss Jolie has blood that is traced from France, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Canada and the North American indigenous Iroquois people. It even sounds pretty.

2. She had a thing for Dr. Spock as a kid

That just makes sense to me for some reason.

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3. Her mom let her boyfriend move into her bedroom when she was a teenager

And when I say teenager, I mean 14. It was all in the name of keeping a closer eye on her. I imagine some ears were involved, too.

4. Before acting, she focused on what?

Acting or undertaking? That was the question to a young, conflicted Jolie. At one point she dropped out of acting school because she wanted to be a funeral director. Her area of focus? Embalming.

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5. She wore black rubber pants and a white T-shirt when she was a bride the first time around

How does a girl accessorize that look? With a script of the groom's name, Jonny Lee (Miller), written in his blood.

6. She had a very dark period

During a deep depression just before her marriage to husband #2 Billy Bob Thornton, she almost hired a hit man to take herself out.

7. She's determined to travel into space

Only 547 humans have traveled into space. Jolie intends to make sure that she adds to that number. She's already bought her seat on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space voyage.

8. The way she keeps her lips luscious is, well, how we would, too

How does she keep those famous lips so luscious? It’s not a fling with fillers or even a spree at Sephora — it's Blistex.

9. Her thoughts on death and life are interesting

"If I think more about death than some people, it is probably because I love life more than they do." Angelina Jolie

Well, it shows. Ms. Voight Miller Thornton Jolie Pitt lives large in a surprisingly normal way and for me, that's the interesting part.