No, Judd Apatow, theft and sex crimes aren’t the same

Judd Apatow should stick to being funny.

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The comedy director took to Twitter to share his opinion about the recent leak of movies, documents and personal details of more than 4,000 Sony employees.

“Releasing private Sony e mails [sic] to hurt people is the same as releasing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. Why are they ok to print?” he wrote.

I’m gonna stop him right there. While the data breach was massive and invasive — it involved the personal information, including Social Security numbers, of thousands of innocent people — theft is absolutely not “the same” as a sex crime.

Because what happened to Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other female celebrities in August was a sex crime. Their bodies, the most private of their possessions that should be shared with others only when they choose for themselves to do so, were shared against their will with countless people online. The emotional ramifications of such a breach of privacy are far-reaching and impossible for any of us who are not those women to understand.

I don’t want to undermine the severity of the crime that was committed against Sony’s employees when their information was stolen and published. But the crimes are not the same, as Apatow believes. They are very, very different, with different consequences.

While both crimes represent breaches of individuals’ privacy, one represents a breach of women’s sexual privacy. While the Sony hack is undoubtedly jarring and perhaps embarrassing for those involved, it simply does not violate them in the way a breach of their sexual privacy would.

My heart goes out to the victims of both hacks, but to Judd Apatow, I have to say this: You’re wrong to say their suffering is equal.

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What do you think? Are the Sony hack and August’s celebrity nude photo hack the same? Or do you agree that they’re different, incomparable crimes? Tell us your take in the comments.