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Doctor Who and Sherlock fans rejoice, the BBC just made your year

The BBC and BBC Worldwide just dropped the bomb of the Sherlock and Doctor Who fandom century.

They have struck a deal with a property developer to bring to life the theme park you’ve been dreaming of that will include all the “glamour of Hollywood with the best of British culture.”
Rumored to open in 2020 in northern Kent, United Kingdom, the Paramount-backed park is considering BBC hit shows such as Sherlock, Doctor Who and Top Gear as subjects for rides and park attractions. (They could have Benedict Cumberbatch just wandering the grounds and I’d pay money to bump into him!)
The park will be called the London Paramount Entertainment Resort (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Disney World or Great America, but we’ll take it!), and it will cost a reported $2 billion. Mike Bartok, an executive vice president at Paramount, said, “It is outstanding to be working with a globally recognized brand with such a rich, respected history.”
The BBC won’t yet confirm which shows will be featured or how, but you can bet your little buns there will be a Tardis simulator visit in our future, and we can’t wait to see if there will be a life-size replica of 221B Baker Street.
Twitter can’t stop speculating (and hoping and praying) about which of its favorite shows will be featured as well. Twitter user @jkbibliophile says, “Doctor Who/Sherlock/BBC Theme park? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.”
British audiences, however, can’t wait for less widely known shows such as The Last of the Summer Wine and EastEnders to get their day in the sun. “The bathtub-down-a-hill ride will be a hoot for fans of Last of the Summer Wine,” according to the comments on The Guardian‘s website.
Also rumored to be in the running for a spotlight is Merlin, the BBC’s fantasy series based on the legend of King Arthur. But by far and away, the only thing everyone is waiting for is to be able to ride Sherlock — ahem — I mean… waiting for is Sherlock, the ride.

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