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Anna Kendrick admits she’s a boob man (VIDEO)

Get ready to learn so much about Anna Kendrick.

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The Into the Woods star sat down with MTV News to play “This or That,” a game in which she has to pick her favorite of two totally random options. If you’re already a Kendrick fan, prepare to love her so much more. If you’re not currently a Kendrick fan, you are wrong and, also, prepare to become one.

Some of it may be borderline TMI, but all of it is hilarious. We learned, for example, that given the choice between Jay Z and Kanye, Kendrick won’t even hesitate as she picks Hova.

“I saw him in concert,” she says. “You know, like, it reversed my bloodstream. It was crazy.”

And between T-Swift and Katy Perry, the choice is equally simple: Katy Perry, because boobs.

“I’m a boob man,” Kendrick says.

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Want to know who Kendrick would choose between Harry Styles and Justin Bieber? How about between Ariana Grande and a grande eggnog latte? You’ll have to check out the full video below:

Here’s a hint, though: Kendrick thinks Ariana Grande is just so wee.

“I met her!” she says. “You know I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true — I’m the wee-est, and she is even more wee. Where are her organs? She’s like a mystical fairy.”

And even though she’s a boob man, Kendrick is — of course — asked to choose between butts: Kim Kardashian’s or Iggy Azalea’s?

“I’m a woman of many contradictions,” she says. At least she can own it. It just makes her that much more lovable.

Check out Kendrick’s “This or That” game and just try not to love her. We bet you can’t do it.

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And, then, take to the comments and answer the toughest of Anna Kendrick’s questions: Would you choose Ariana Grande or a grande eggnog latte?

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