Ricky Gervais spills Jimmy Fallon’s dirty little secret with Lip Flip (VIDEO)

We need more Lip Flip in our lives.

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Luckily, Jimmy Fallon is pretty good about delivering. His new bit, in which he swaps lips with whichever celebrity is on his show, is one of the funniest things he’s ever come up with, and the newest version, featuring Ricky Gervais, is no exception.

From Jimmy giving Ricky a terrible, terrible Southern accent, to Ricky spilling Jimmy’s dirty little secrets, like how he gets paid to talk and still rakes it in even when other people on his show are talking — “I’m Jimmy Fallon… I’m getting paid now even though someone else is doing all of the entertaining!” Ricky jokes — to the pair’s hilarious attempt at a “Little Drummer Boy”/”Joy to the World” mash-up, it’s, as Ricky says at the start of the video, brilliant.

Some other highlights to watch for: Jimmy’s hilarious laugh and tongue flick that he does as Ricky, Ricky’s “Vogue” dance and, of course, both of them butchering the words to “Joy to the World.”

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Possibly the best part of the whole bit, though, is when Ricky spills Jimmy’s other dirty little secret.

“I’m Jimmy Fallon,” he says. “You can tell it’s Jimmy Fallon from my face. I’m Jimmy Fallon from the telly. And Jimmy Fallon don’t lie, so what I’m going to tell you now is the absolute gospel truth, and I want you all to think of it whenever you think of the name Jimmy Fallon. I’m Jimmy Fallon and I …”

Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.


Suffice it to say, this may very well be Jimmy’s best Lip Flip yet and we thought the one he did with Sofia Vergara could never be topped.

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