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EXCLUSIVE: Little Big Town reveals stories behind Pain Killer (VIDEO)

It’s been two months since Little Big Town’s newest album, Pain Killer, released and we’re still using it as the soundtrack to our day drinking. In our exclusive clip, the gang talks about some of their favorite tracks.

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Little Big Town sent country-loving noggins bobbing in 2005 when “Boondocks” hit the airwaves. Country fans across the nation latched on to their gritty depiction of growing up in the South and they’ve followed Little Big Town’s rise to the top ever since. From “Bring It On Home” to “Little White Church” and “Pontoon,” LBT’s Southern spin on country has continued to be some of the best, most fun music on the radio. Their first single off the new album is no different. There’s so much chirping and whistling on “Day Drinking,” it makes the Andy Griffith theme song seem like a funeral dirge.

From working with producer, Jay Joyce, to how they got certain sounds on the new album, LBT has a lot to share about the making of Pain Killer. How’d the whistling come to be? And what’s up with “Girl Crush”? The gang from Little Big Town (made up of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook, and Phillip Sweet) explains it all.

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What do they think now that Pain Killer is out there for the world to hear and fans to love? Watch this behind-the-scenes and in-the-studio look to find out everything Little Big Town wants you to know about Pain Killer.

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You can find Little Big Town’s album Pain Killer on iTunes.

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