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Justin Bieber: 8 Tweets that made him the most tweeted about artist of 2014

From his newly dyed blond locks to the old footage of him using the N-word, Justin Bieber made waves in the media throughout 2014, making him the world’s most tweeted about artist of the year, according to a new report from Twitter.

With a whole lot of good, bad and ugly stemming from his timeline, SheKnows decided to take a look back at some of the Biebster’s most controversial tweets of the year.

1. Anniversary of My World

Bieber knows that he must pay respects to his beginnings and, in November, the singer sent some good words into the blogosphere about the five-year anniversary of his debut EP, My World.

2. Fessing up

When old footage of JB using the N-word surfaced online, people were outraged. Sure, the already-questionable Bieber was really young, but it was still unacceptable. However, Bieber used his Twitter account to address the footage with a heartfelt apology.

3. Bieber + Ariana

When Bieber retweeted Ryan Seacrest’s tweet about an Ariana Grande and JB collabo in May, the Beliebers went crazy. Grande told the host that the pop prince stepped up his pen game and actually wrote the tune. Unfortunately, the duet hasn’t since been heard because the duo never finished it. That’s right. Grande later admitted that they both just got super busy and put the project to the side.

4. Working on his fitness

Throughout the year, Bieber did a lot of working in the studio, but he also did a lot of working out in the gym and he wasn’t afraid to share his progress with various photos on social media. There’s also that one time that he stripped down to his undies at Fashion Rocks.

5. Apology x 2

Bieber committed a huge no-no in 2014 when he posted a photo of himself standing in front of the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which symbolizes Japanese militarism.

6. Believing Beliebers

Despite all the murky mud that Justin walked through this year, his Beliebers have stood by him. In one tweet, which was posted in August, the singer spoke about his appreciation for one of his fans and how much her words really meant to him.

7. Loser keeps Bieber

JB wasn’t happy to be the butt of jokes when a Chicago-area company erected a major expressway sign that read, “Loser Keeps Bieber.” It was a jibe that was initially started by the Olympic hockey battles between the United States and Canada.

8. Papa-paparazzi

Bieber’s frustrations with the paparazzi hit a new high this year when he was rear-ended by a paparazzo during a drive in West Hollywood. According to reports, the singer was irritated with the tailing photographer and slammed his breaks. He took to Twitter shortly afterwards and compared himself to Princess Diana.

What’s your favorite Justin Bieber moment of the year? Tell us in the comments section below.

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