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Kylie Jenner is only 17, and she is planning to elope? Is this real life?

Ah, to be young and in love… and elope in Mexico?

That could be exactly what Kylie Jenner and her beau Tyga are planning, according to insider reports. The two have had the tabloids all in a flurry for the last few months trying to figure out if they are a couple or not. They have been dropping hints all over their social media accounts for months now, like this Instagram photo posted on Tyga’s account from two months ago:
But as of late, the two seem to be moving at lightning speed with their “new” romance. The pair is now rumored to be planning a secret elopement in Mexico.
Sources are saying that the 17-year-old supermodel isn’t listening to anyone and that while momager Kris Jennermight not approve, she is thinking of cosigning the marriage to “save Kylie’s fortune.”
Why would she do this, you ask. Because Kylie is reportedly adamant about moving forward with her more than likely ill-fated marriage with or without her mother, and without her would mean one thing: no prenup.
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Kylie, along with her sister Kendall, has amassed quite the fortune through modeling, advertising and endorsement deals, and they are some of the most highly sought-after models for both their names and faces.
Tyga, 25, just recently tweeted that he split from his record label, Cash Money Record, and will be independently releasing his fourth album.
The rapper, whose name is an acronym for Thank You God Always, is known for the song “Rack City.” Coincidentally, it was during the filming of this hit’s video that he met his baby mama Blac Chyna, back in 2011. When the then-couple’s son was born, Tyga purchased a $6.5 million mansion for his new family. The couple was separated 10 months later.
To add another twist to this already rather twisted tale, Chyna is the once-bestie of none other than “Break the Internet” big sis Kim Kardashian. Awkward.
Kylie and Tyga spent Thanksgiving together serving at the Los Angeles Mission and at Kylie’s other big sister Khloé’s house, and have reportedly be spending tons of time together lately.
Kylie Jenner and Tyga at LA Soup Kitchen Thanksgiving 2014
Not that it couldn’t be true love, but as most of us would agree, eloping with your boyfriend at 17 years old after a few months of dating seems a bit, well, just like a Kardashian. Come on, Kylie, let’s come back to real life.

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