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True Tori‘s explosive finale has Dean McDermott dropping F-bombs

By now, the world already knows that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s relationship is far from perfect, but it looks like things may be taking a turn for the worse for these two.

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During a bombshell finale for Season 2 of the couple’s reality TV series True Tori, McDermott makes it very clear that he has had enough of the show, and asks his wife why they are even still together.

The drama unfolded after Spelling wanted to talk to her husband about texts between himself and a female friend, and McDermott refused to be on camera or let the show mention the friend’s name, People reports. And the Chopped Canada star is tired of having his dirty laundry aired out on the show.

“I’m f***ing tired of this show! It was not supposed to be part of the story. Not cool,” he told his wife. “I’ve sacrificed chunks of my soul. I can’t live like this anymore — there’s no order.”

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While McDermott wants his life to be private again, Spelling has other ideas. She claims that the show is good for her because it “helps [her] growth.”

“I feel like every move I make is wrong,” McDermott revealed. And when his wife brought up the issue that he had invited his female friend from rehab to the house, he totally lost his cool.

“This is totally f***ed up,” he said. “If you don’t like my choices, why the f*** are you with me?

“There’s hope for Tori and Dean if we don’t do the f***ing show,” he continued. “This is not good for us.”

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Speaking of her husband during therapy, the Beverly Hills 90210 actress told her therapist, “I love him, but he just doesn’t get it.”

The couple does not see eye-to-eye on the decisions about the show, and if they don’t soon it may be the end of their marriage. Lifetime has yet to reveal the future of True Tori.

Tell us what you think: Is it time for Spelling and McDermott to deal with their problems behind closed doors?

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