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If Dwayne Johnson’s characters were real, he’d make the perfect man

It’s been said that a girl needs several guys to cover all the bases. After we watched the new San Andreas trailer starring Dwayne Johnson, that got us thinking. What if all his characters were real? That would be like having several guys in one, thus making him the perfect man. These GIFs prove our point.


We just want a guy who will take out the trash, mow the lawn and not make us cry several times a week. One would have to assume that a guy who can slay huge creatures with large tusks, using only a club, could probably do most of our heavy lifting.

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Dwayne Johnson


Luke Hobbs

It seems a CIA agent who can drive cars super-fast and survive phenomenal crashes would be a handy guy to have around.

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Dwayne Johnson


The Rock

Having a guy who looks good in his underwear never hurts, and if that same guy can throw large objects out of your way, that’s even better. You never know when you might be hiking and need a bear removed from the trail.

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Dwayne Johnson


The Tooth Fairy

A secure man is hard to find. A man who’s secure enough in his masculinity to play the tooth fairy comes around about as often as Halley’s Comet.

Dwayne Johnson

Image: Movie Trailers

Sean Porter

If you want to melt a girl’s heart, introduce her to a guy who works with and cares about troubled kids. Gulp. That’s what Johnson’s character, Sean Porter, does in Gridiron Gang. Be still our hearts.

Dwayne Johnson

Image: GridironGang’s channel


In Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Johnson’s character Hank showcases two of the things we love most about The Rock: his sense of humor and his killer smile. Women love a man who can show them the funny.

Dwayne Johnson

Image: fastcougar3200


In San Andreas, Johnson plays rescue pilot Ray. Now that’s the kind of skill a gal could really use in her hip pocket if shit goes down.

In summary, Johnson’s characters can throw heavy things, look great while doing it and work with troubled youth. His characters are also secure, funny and skilled. All of Johnson’s characters culminate in the perfect man. Santa, we know what we want for Christmas.

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