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Grammy nominee Sam Smith just saved Christmas with this

First, Sam Smith saved pop music by coming on the scene with an incredible voice and using it to speak to every lonely heart with “Stay With Me.” Then he crawled into the soul of every broken heart who’s been cheated on with “I Know I’m Not the Only One.” Now he’s saving Christmas. That’s a big year for Smith.

Right on the heels of Mariah Carey trying to ruin Christmas with a botched live performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (which she blamed on vengeful producers who were angered by her tardiness), Sam Smith ties on his cape and saves Christmas with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” And right about the time we’ve had a gutful of Christmas carols that are already tired because they’re 1,000 years old, and because retail outlets have been piping them through the speakers since Halloween, Smith reminds us why he’s a six-time Grammy-nominated artist.

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Sam, we beg you. Please either release an album of Christmas carols as soon as possible or come hang out in our living room until after Christmas so we don’t have play anymore watered-down, exhausted Christmas carols.

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Smith, with the voice of a Christmas angel, just ruined us for any other Christmas music out there (OK, Bing, Elvis and Michael Bublé — you’re still in our circle of Christmas music trust). Take a listen.

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