NBA player John Wall breaks down over young cancer patient's death (VIDEO)

Dec 9, 2014 at 10:31 p.m. ET
Image: Derrick Salters/

NBA player John Wall's touching post-game interview is as much a tribute to his young friend as the game he played in her memory.

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Wall broke down in tears during the interview as he talked about Miyah Telemaque-Nelson, a 6-year-old girl he had befriended who died of cancer Monday morning.

Wall met the girl last spring, about five months after she was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma. He helped organize a social media campaign to allow Miyah to meet Nicki Minaj.

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"This game is for her," Wall said. "My jersey, my shorts I'm giving to her family. It's a tough day for me."

The interviewer mentioned that he had never seen Wall as emotional as he was during Monday's game and a choked-up Wall was unable to answer.


A moment of silence was held for Miyah before Monday night's game and ESPN reports Wall played with "RIP Miyah" written on his shoes as he led the Wizards to a double overtime win with 26 points.

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