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Pretty Little Liars review: That isn’t Santa in your chimney

The Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode was surprisingly enlightening.

For once, when executive producer, I. Marlene King, told us we were going to get some answers, she wasn’t just teasing.

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The problem is, we’re not sure if those answers are leading us closer to the truth or just giving us more false hope.

Still, hope was alive in the Christmas episode, even though the girls have some trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is too busy worrying about being on bail for murder, while Hanna (Ashley Benson) is mourning Mona’s death. Not that we blame them for not feeling so jolly. Those are heavy things to deal with.

Things take a turn for the shocking, though, when Hanna receives an unexpected package from Mona. Mona’s lawyer was instructed to give it to Hanna 30 days after her death if anything should happen to her. Good thing Mona had a contingency plan. But, then again, it’s Mona, so of course she had a contingency plan. Unfortunately, the package ain’t so cut and dry. Things never are on Pretty Little Liars. Inside is a simple note from Mona and drawing plans of Alison’s house.

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Dead Mona is back from all sorts of graves tonight. Not only is she sending Hanna cryptic packages, she’s also haunting Alison in a Jacob Marley-style lesson plan. Ali doesn’t take the hint, though, and continues building her army, which she introduces at the Wonderland Ball. She’s also far from making any moves to gain the liars’ forgiveness. We’re not sure what she could say at this point since all signs are pointing to her being A.

Of course, we think that answer would be too easy. Pretty Little Liars has something much bigger up its sleeve, we’re sure. But, for now, we’re content with some good-old dirt that Ali’s kissing Santa. And we’re pretty sure Santa’s Detective Holbrook unless someone else at the party was dressed in a sexy red coat and we somehow missed it. (Let’s just assume she wasn’t kissing Lucas.)

And while no one was dressed in a red coat this evening, there was someone dressed in a white coat. CeCe Drake is unexpectedly back on the show and she’s a pretty unpleasant sight for sore eyes. She may be giving Ali some personalized perfume, but we have a feeling she’s going to ask for a lot more in return. Don’t do it, Alison!

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More important than what’s going on with Ali is what’s going on at her house. Despite an A run-in, Hanna sneaks inside and manages to find letters between Alison and Bethany, which means Alison not only knew about Bethany, but was in touch with her. She had invited Bethany to spend Labor Day with her before the disastrous night happened.

While those are the big deets from tonight’s episode, the best part didn’t have to do with the A plot at all. In fact, it involved Ezra, Toby and Caleb in some Christmas shorts and not much else. That’s right; the hotties of Pretty Little Liars went shirtless tonight and fans everywhere are thanking the show for that present. Now that’s a Christmas gift, if we say so.

What was your favorite part of tonight’s PLL Christmas episode?

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