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Walking Dead‘s Emily Kinney sings about dating a rock star (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead may have killed off Beth, but Emily Kinney is alive and well. Annnnnd apparently she’s gonna marry a rock star. At least that’s what her new single is all about.

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“Rockstar” isn’t Kinney’s first stab at music; she’s previously released an EP titled Expired Love. This new track and accompanying video are the leadoff to her upcoming full-length album to be released some time in 2015. Honestly, we’re not 100 percent sure how we feel about the song.
There’s no denying the likeability of Kinney’s voice. There’s a super-sweetness to her tone that, when layered over the guitars on “Rockstar,” takes us right back to the ’90s. It almost seems too immature, though, when you hold it up against Kinney’s age. To a certain extent, it almost feels fake, even though we know it’s not. We like it right now, but it could very easily become grating if it lands on Top 40 radio.

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And then there are the “Rockstar” lyrics. We spent the entire three minutes asking, “Is she being serious or sarcastic?” As she clomps over the melody by talking about taking selfies and band pics during gigs, it does feel a little like that time we dated a bassist. And we definitely have “fond” memories of loading and unloading gear. So, it feels real to us. Then again, the snarky comment about new tattoos instead of wedding rings makes us a feel a little like she’s just poking fun at anyone who (God forbid) wants to buck tradition. All those side-eyes and eye-rolls only verify our suspicions that the entire song is a joke.

And we’d be hurt but, let’s face it, we’re making all kinds of jokes at the expense of her dancing. On the bright side, at least Kinney found a way to stay somewhat relevant after The Walking Dead gave her the ax.

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