Joaquin Phoenix told David Letterman he's engaged — but is he making it up?

Dec 9, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Joaquin Phoenix seemed smitten to tell David Letterman on the Late Show on Monday evening about him and his yoga instructor and their first experience together.

But that was not really the point of the strange and comical story. It seems the actor just "want people to like him." So he made it up.
The star hilariously delivered a tale about a crazy-sounding yoga position called "harnessing of the hog," and talked about "emotional back pain" and "compromising and vulnerable positions." The hunky, albeit sometimes strange, Ladder 49 star acted out the interaction on stage with the late-night talk show host.
After the stage antics were over and the two sat down, Phoenix got all giggly himself and said, "This is the crazy part of the story…." Then he sort of quietly and round-aboutly mentioned that they started dating and said he now thinks she's the one. "I proposed to her and she said, 'Yes!'"
Phoenix has been known to take his method acting to pretty far extremes sometimes (remember his very strange "I'm still here" project where he tricked people into believing he was leaving Hollywood to be a rapper?), so his romantic yet tall tale leaves us wondering how much of the story is actually true. And early Tuesday morning, we got our answer. Good Morning America broke the news that he made the whole thing up, and his publicist says the whole thing was another one of his very strange "jokes." Good thing we didn't have time to buy him a gift!