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Floyd Mayweather witnessed Earl Hayes’ murder-suicide

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, is reportedly in shock after being a witness to the murder-suicide of Earl Hayes, 34, and wife, Stephanie Moseley, 30, via FaceTime with Hayes.

Earl, a close friend, entourage regular and once-rapper with the former Mayweather-owned Philthy Rich Records, reportedly called the boxing champ via FaceTime early Monday morning in a rage after hearing that his wife had allegedly been unfaithful. According to TMZ, Hayes then pulled out a gun and shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself — all while the undefeated champ was still on the phone.

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Residents of the upscale Palazzo East apartments in Los Angeles reported hearing a woman screaming and a “barrage” of gunshots, and called police. When the SWAT team arrived, the bodies of Hayes and Moseley were found. Ten gunshots were reported. Mayweather, who isn’t saying much to anyone publicly, said in a police report that he was pleading with Hayes when he threatened to kill Moseley.
Celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to offer the thoughts and prayers as well as talk about what a wonderful person they thought Moseley was and how they loved working with her.
Moseley was a VH1 star and dancer on the show Hit the Floor. She was a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who moved to Los Angeles in 2004, where her career took off quickly as she landed a role on Britney Spears’ dance crew.
Stephanie Moseley
From there, she has performed with megastars such as Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Usher, just to name a few.

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