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State of Affairs review: A few weeks, a few improvements

After four episodes, State of Affairs raises the stakes on the biggest mystery and takes the tension up about 10 notches in the process.

In my review of the pilot episode, there were some aspects of the show that I liked and some that needed work. Now that the series is four episodes in, things are finally starting to move along and I’m happy to say that I have more positive points than negative ones about this series now.

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The mystery is moving forward… finally

For the past few episodes, I felt like the whole Charlie-gets-mysterious-texts story was getting really old. I swear she must have accused Nick of sending them and he must have denied it at least three separate times and I was about ready to throw something at the wall if they did that dance one more time. So it was nice to have that story move forward when Nick discovered where the photos came from and went so far as to interrogate a man about them. I also was happy to see that Nick wasn’t a complete bastard when he let the guy go after his little boy came downstairs.

The suspects are close to home

When Charlie discovered the phone that had been texting her the photos was tossed from her own floor and therefore by one member of her team, it was another moment where I sat up and took notice. I’m hoping this means we’ll get to know more about that crew as there hasn’t been nearly enough character development there for me. Whether one of them turns out to be guilty or not, just pointing the suspicion at them was a nice touch.

Nick’s kidnapping was the best scene ever

At this point, I do believe that Nick didn’t send those texts. I’m not saying I completely trust the guy, but I think at least he’s not lying about that bit. Charlie hooking up with him in her car was definitely going to make things more complicated, so it was a good thing he got kidnapped, I guess. Seriously though, that was probably one of my favorite moments in the series so far. I’ve been waiting for things to move along and a bunch of guys throwing a bag over his head and tossing him into a car definitely qualifies.

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Things are reaching into the White House

The big secret that Charlie and Nick have been trying to keep from getting out, the one that has had them both on edge since the texts began, is starting to make its way into the Oval Office. The president is going to be asking Charlie some tough questions and I’m dying to see what she says in reply. Charlie and Nick were actually talking exit strategies before all hell broke loose, which makes me think that it’s going to get pretty bad.

What do you think of State of Affairs so far?

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