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13 Disneyland secrets that will totally surprise you (VIDEO)

It turns out, Disneyland has many secrets and because we’re so trustworthy, we’re spilling ’em all. Obviously, you aren’t to pass any of these secrets on and you didn’t hear them from us, OK?


So, our membership to Club 33 is currently pending. Blake Lively is probably a member there, so until our membership is finalized, we’ll be going there with her. Perhaps all the alcohol-induced rowdiness with Blake is what will get us thrown in the Disneyland jail together?

If you’re going to take anything away from this, it should be a mental note to dust yourselves off when you get off the Haunted Mansion ride, because, you know, ashes aren’t the kind of souvenir anyone wants to take away — not when Mickey Mouse ears are on offer! Speaking of, we’re off to play a basketball game with that mouse guy, so we best be off. Don’t worry, though, you’ll definitely be ours and Blake’s one phone call when we’re sitting pretty in one of Disney’s finest jail cells. Orange Is the New Black spin-off, anyone?

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